Sep 20, 2014

Welcome and glad to meet you.

I had a blog before and a different business name.  If you care to access the old then you'll find it at Whimsy Art Studio.  This blog is along the same vein- artwork, creations and a little bit about me.

This is where I create.

I live in a historic house- built in 1898.  In a small town of all historic homes.  The town throws a big Antique fair twice a year and my sister and I set up a booth and sell our items.  I'll share more of that later on.  I had to put this photo first - my neighbor took it and I love the whole streetscape.

Above is a better - more springy shot of my home.  Love it so much.  It is a whole work in progress but then that is pretty much life right? 

I am an avid gardener- well I read books better than garden but I do love hydrangeas and other flowers.

This is my youngest baby- Penelope.  I just adopted her a few weeks ago.

This is her big sister Daisy.  My sidekick.  The two of them keep me busy and are the loves of my life. 

Still want more info then feel free to visit my About page. 

I can't wait to share my creativity and life with everyone. 

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