Sep 16, 2015

Take a peek!

Hello dear friends! I know it has been a long time since I have posted here. I apologize, I injured my hand and wasn't able to do any painting or crafting. It was hard, but luckily I love to read, so spent my free time with my nose in good books. :) My hand is now healed and I am ready to get back into the habit of painting! I recently got an invite from Patience Brewster for a Q&A spotlight on my blog. Patience is an amazing artist, check out her Christmas ornaments here:

1- As a child, do you recall a significant moment when you felt truly affected or inspired by any particular artwork or artist?

When I was young an art train stopped in our small town. You could walk through the train and see artists at work and ask them questions. At that moment I realized that being an artist could be my job! I was very excited. and it changed the way I thought about my future.

2- As an artist, what do you hope to convey with your work?

My paintings are usually inspired by nature. I use my artwork as a celebration of gratitude to God for all the beauty He provides us in nature. I hope my artwork makes people smile.

3- What memorable responses have you had to your work?

I had done some paintings for a very nice woman, she was complimenting me on my artwork and telling me how lucky I was to be so artistic. Then she said offhandedly, you should thank God for your talent. That remark changed the way I thought of any talent I may have. I thank God everyday.

4- What is your dream project?

I am not sure about this one... when I was in high school, I was asked where I wanted to be in 20 years. I answered that I wanted to be sitting in a field of tulips, in Holland, painting. I think that still rings true. I would love to have some of my artwork reprinted onto puzzles, calendars, dishware etc. It would be so wonderful to walk into a store and see my work.

5- What artist of any medium do you admire? (famous or not)

I love Matisse for his bold use of color, Monet for the beauty of light in his paintings and O'Keefe for teaching me to look at things closely and from different points of view. This list could go on and on. :)

I hope that gives you a little peek at the person behind the paintings. Please visit Patience Brewster's Facebook where you can read about her and other artists interviewed. I also have an old blog where you can see even more of my work.
Thanks Marietta Gregg for including me in this wonderful opportunity.