Jan 1, 2014

Canvas of beauty tutorial


One of my favorite blogs is the Graphic's Fairy.  She spends so much time finding awesome graphics that she then lets everyone use.  I took one and did the beautiful canvas. Then I was featured on her blog: The Graphics Fairy.  And here is the tutorial to show you how to create the same thing - using any graphic you might want to use.   I did a transfer using one of her images and then doing it by using a gesso and a copy machine image.  It just transfers the ink from the paper to the canvas.

Step by step process:

1. Paint various shades of brown on the canvas.

2.  Paint over the top of that with one to two coats of cream paint.

3.  Once that is completely dried put one coat of Matte Gel Medium on it.  

4.  Make sure the coat is not to thick, about the thickness of spreading butter on bread. 

5.  Now you need a copy of the image you need to transfer.  It has to be a copy not a printed out on the printer.  I use staples to make the copies. Also, make sure if it has text it needs to have the mirror image so that it prints correctly. 

6.  Place your copy, image side down, onto the canvas.  Do this right after you spread the gel medium on.  It has to be done when the gel medium is wet.  Press the image down and rub away any air bubbles. 

7.  Let the canvas dry completely.  I usually let it dry overnight.  Once completely dry dampen with a wet paper towel, then use a brush to make sure you have the water everywhere. 

8.  Once damp start peeling off the paper gently.  The paper will peel off and leave the image on the canvas. 

9.  You may have to rub it a bit to get all the paper fibers off.     Once finished with that sand, antique, paint - whatever you want. 

10.  Go try it out. You can do them for all seasons.  Even try with a copy of your child's photo.